Beautiful Flowers

God's beautiful creations. I bought this Christmas Cactus Plant when it was little. I wanted to get another one because the one I had died. It belonged to my mom. When she pastes away I bought it home. I wondered if it would survive on the plane trip. I put it in a dark black plastic bag (carry size) and away we went. When I got it home it did survive the trip and I put it on the porch in its new home. It bloomed six ( one for each of moms children).

It bloomed a couple if time then it died. I was so sad cause it was moms. This is why I wanted another one. It reminds me if mom.

So here is my new plant. The other day I saw all the buds ready for blooming. Then viola! Look! I have paper white blooms and peach! I am so amazed. I thought to myself I've never seen this before. It could be that there was a mixing or something which caused it. I want to think that it's a gift, cause my momma love plants and the Christmas Cactus plant . I thought I'd share with y'all.


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