Wow! I find myself dusting my blog this  morning.  Cobwebs up the ying yang! LOL.
It has been a minute since I was here.  Sorry, but life got just a tad bit busy as it is known to do.  What with the holidays, work, etc., it's been crazy.  On top of that I had to get a new computer.  Yep, my old one went kaboom.  Monitor and all.  So here I am, back in business.  I was just sippin on my coffee and decided to check out my blog.  They changed some things here at Blogger.  Very nice. It looks a lot more simpler to use. I will be checking it out more closely.
In the meantime, check out my website at
There is a lot going on at Stampin Up and it is Sale-A-Bration !  Time to double up on your savings when you shop.  For every $50 you spend, you get a FREEBIE!  CAN ANYBODY SAY FREEEEEBIE!
Love it.  Come check it out.  shop and drop me a line if I can assist, answer any questions you may have and just help you in your shopping.  It would be my pleasure.  See ya at the store.
Thanks, for visiting.

Arts N Crafts Gal
Oh, I made this wreath for Thanksgiving, 2011.  It was so much fun.  I wanted to make one for Christmas, I still am, but I gonna do one for V-Day first!  Stop by to see the finished product.


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