SU Haul # 3

Okay guys, it has been forever since I blogged. 
One can really get caught up in "life".  If your not
careful, you will miss a lot.  LOL.
Well two things happened: 1. I got my new flip video! 
Yes!  you heard it right.  No more cell phone
videoing with one hand.  LOL  I love it.   It is so cool
and  very easy to use.  OMG, anyone can figure this
thing out.  2. this is my 3rd SU Haul.  OMG!  I
got some goodies, and long awaited items,
and of courese some, FREEBIES!
I have to get busy.  I have so many things to do, create and share. 
Thanks for watching.
God's love & mine. Liz


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