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Some of my recent projects.

Easter Basket for my granddaughter.   Home made basket, bunnies and carrots.  Goodies are underneath.  LOL
My first try at vinyl zippered bags . Fun! 
Made this cool bag for my niece Gabriella.  She is so smart and loves to read.  I thought she could use this to carry all her books from  the library. It has her initials on  the front in pink.  

Made this nice drawstring bag for my  neighbors grandson.  They live in Canada.  It has a nice blue lining  and pocket.  
Oh, oh!  the beginning of my garment. I making a Westchester Dolman Top. See finished product below.

Basket weave everyday pouch. 

 zippered net bags for travel or whatever.   I made two to go with my Everyday tote below. 

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